Here’s Some Awesome is a collaborative effort by the following:

Liz Shannon Miller has been called the Pauline Kael of online video by at least one person, having covering the online video space since 2006. She has been published by the New York Times, Variety, GigaOM, The Wrap and many other publications, and once took over the front page of YouTube with her web series picks. Based in Los Angeles, she’s currently TV Editor of, and likes space battles, videos of cats, old school funk, and the Oxford comma.

Felicia Williams was an early YouTube employee on the now defunct editorial team. She selected videos to be featured in the Entertainment, Gaming, Travel, and Pets categories and curated the homepage of After YouTube, Felicia worked as Director of Creative Development at Next New Networks and Director of Partner Programming at Revision3 where she used her web savvy to help external producers integrate sponsorships, build viewership, and make awesome digital programming. Currently, Felicia spends her days at TechCrunch we’re she produces more videos than she can watch every week.

Then there’s our Awesome Contributors:

Matt Rivera is a Senior Video Producer at where he is responsible for producing Original Video Series on topics such as innovation technology, non-profits, small business, healthcare and consumer protection. Matt joined from the Wall Street Journal, where he was a Multimedia Producer. In that role, he was responsible for Page One video features, Original Video Series with the Greater New York section, and daily on-air segments for, MarketWatch and Barron’s.

Max Morse is a visual content producer based in San Francisco. Max’s passion for visual storytelling has taken him all over the world on assignments for news services, magazines, newspapers and commercial clients. He has done work for companies including Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Reuters, The New York Times, Getty Images, Canon USA, Snickers and The North Face. Max is currently serving as the Video Director for transportation startup Lyft.

And the Formerly (but without a doubt still) Awesome:

Barrett Garese thinks that the internet is a magical creature, not unlike a unicorn. In a previous life, Barrett helped create United Talent Agency’s online division — the first major agency division devoted to representing and monetizing online content. Later, he formed a company called Spytap Industries which does a number of different things in social media, online content and advanced technologies. He also doesn’t believe in the existence of Guam, frequently referring to it as “The Narnia of the Pacific.”

Kenyatta Cheese creates projects that merge content, code, and community. Past projects include the community site and web series Know Your Meme.

Jon Sung describes himself as “a freelance copywriter and all-around idea man” whose many projects include Dogblog, Problem Saloon and Names for Things. He also Twitters and is in a band. That’s pretty cool!

Guest Editors including Veronica Belmont, Connie Hwong, Leah Demilo, Zadi Diaz, and Kristen Hawley joined us for a month at a time, bringing their own special radness and expertise to this project.

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