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Even though I’ve busted out a few of his hits while karaoking, I would not say I am a huge fan of Richard Marx, but I am a huge fan of discovering semi-famous, really famous, or really awesome people that have undiscovered YouTube channels.

This one might be my favorite because Richard Marx, most famous for Right Here Waiting, actually is quite good at vlogging. He answers questions, brings along his friends, and even does special holiday vlogs.

So I mega-cheated on this post by linking to a billion other videos, but wasn’t it worth it? I am subscribing to Richard, Yoko, and Dr. Ruth.

Our love of My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart is well-documented. What’s also probably not as well-documented (but should be readily apparent by now) is our undying love of puns. However, had you told us that Hannah’s next move as a rising youtube star is would be to complete one-half of a puntastic song called “Show Me Where Ya Noms At,” we would have been…skeptical.

The good news is that there’s nothing to be skeptical of here – song and the video are both well-done, remarkably cute, surprisingly catchy, and actually laugh-out-loud funny at times. Songs To Wear Pants To provides the other half of the rhythm and rhyme, but what really stands out is how impressive Hannah’s vocal prowess actually is across a rather broad swath of musical styles. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing it to yourself later today.