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Ever since I went to the launch party for Seedwell’s YouTube funded ‘channel’, American Hipster, I have been pretty smitten by their ‘Presents’ series. The intro promises ‘video portraits of American trendsetters’ and the episodes deliver. The show has already toured through many of America’s cities highlighting cool, local artisanal craftmanship. Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t written about this until just now. I highly recommend the series and sincerely hope that YouTube didn’t pull their funding.

The episode featured above highlights Marian Built, a furniture-maker from Seattle who creates all of his pieces from rusty reclaimed materials.

Ready? READY? I don’t think you possibly could be. When first I read the title of this original online animated series by Dark Igloo, I squealed imagining the potential. Then I read the description…

Gnomeland Security are the adventures of 5 idiotic gnomes as they struggle to protect our nation from the animal kingdom’s foulest terrorists. From the perspective of most Americans, animal terrorism looks a lot like “natural occurrences,” which is why you’ve had no idea that this secret task force of mercenary delinquents has been keeping your ass safe … until now! The cat’s out of the bag and we’re here to waterboard it!

…and I was 100% convinced that no matter what this series had to be awesome. And it is! The intro alone is enough to make this video noteworthy. Before you get too excited, here is the set up. Think Archer with a team of tiny angry Jerry Garcia’s solving non-existent crimes. And begin.

Hanging on the edge of your toadstool? Here’s Part 2.

h/t LaughingSquid

Created by the popular (and immensely talented) digital director FreddieW, VGHS started as a kickstarter campaign where Freddie asked fans and video game enthusiasts to pitch in $75,000 so that he could make this series. Supporters blew Freddie’s modest goal out of the water and helped him raise over a quarter million dollars.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to pitch in some money to watch your favorite YouTuber make a series that sounds awesome? It’s about a school where students live video games (insert drama here)! VGHS is also jam packed with cameos from online and TV celebrities including Harley from Epic Meal Time, Zackery Levi from Chuck, and iJustine).

So tune in for VGHS’s first run on RocketJump. It’s also being released to Freddie’s channel on YouTube on a week delay. The pilot (above) sets the stage for the series. Episode two is expected to release this afternoon.

Ok so I know I’m only supposed to pick one awesome video per day, but I’m exploding with excitement about Nathan Fillion on The Daly Show. So I had to share. Being that it’s comic book related (as was my earlier post) I figured you would forgive me.

The video above is part of a web series staring Tim Daly (of Wings and Private Practice fame) and his son Sam. Using humor to play off the already unusual scenario of having a famous dad, the series “documents” Sam and Tim’s lives in a sitcom-esc way.

In the latest episode, Sam calls everyone’s favorite actor playing a mystery writer (Castle) to save Tim Daly from turning into his superhero alter-ego (Tim Daly has voiced Superman in several animated features). But what Sam fails to realize is that Nathan Fillion voices the Green Lantern in Justice League: Doom. Dun Dun Dun!

“Can you do me a favor” and bare with me, there are three videos today because alone each is noteworthy, but as a set they are even more awesome. “Aggghhhh.”

The original, a three part video series, has been online for just over three weeks and makes me laugh almost to the point of not breathing. I would like to think that the girls I know and hang out with don’t fall into these stereotypes, but really, this parody captures a little part of most girls. And in case you were wondering, yes, that is in fact Juliette Lewis.

This parody, Shit Black Girls Say, was published a few days after the original and is awesome all on it’s own. It stars comedian and character actor, Billy Sorrell, and the sequel can now be found on his Youtube channel.

And completing the trio, is Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, a video released yesterday by YouTube NextUp winner and popular Youtube personality, Chescaleigh. Having grown up with many black friends, I find this one to be honest and relatable. Most notably when it come to hair. I have definitely been jealous of my friends awesome braids and afros and had to use all my restraint to resist touching their luscious locks. Past aside, I appreciate how (Fran)chesca took this meme to a new level by adding some social commentary on how you might not want to treat your friends (of any color).

For years, I’ve been wanting a celebrity interview show where the guests are fun, silly, and maybe a little drunk to exist. And here it is! Topped with the added delight of watching two people who barely know each other awkwardly make out, this show is full of genuine moments where the guests are just themselves. Hosted by SNL writer Michael O’Brien, 7 Minutes in Heaven features such hard-hitting topics as Elijah Woods thoughts on furries and Patricia Clarkson days as a rebel cheerleader.

It’s awesome! So awesome that I’m going to give you another episode to watch. You’re welcome.