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Before this video even has the chance to prove it’s ‘fucking awesome’ in rolls a Delorean. Wait, what? But it gets better. Macklemore rocks some serious second hand furs and footie pajamas while spitting out the glories of thrift shopping. Admittedly, the clothes featured in this video do err on the outrageous(ly awesome) side. But, when you look this hipster chic, who cares if your wearing granddad’s clothes (they ‘look incredible’).

Summer almost over (unless you live in San Francisco where it’s just starting) so I wanted to share this awesome summer song with you.

In a modern retelling of an old school problem, G-Eazy skilfully layers hiphop beats over Dion‘s #1 pop hit from 1961. Furthering the¬†foregone conclusion that anyone named Sue can not be trusted, director Tyler Yee portrays his retro-chic Sue as a devilishly sweet lady-about-town. Like the song, the music video combines an old school “let’s go to the ice cream shop after the sock hop” vibe with a present-day response to how one should react to such situations. Seriously Sue, isn’t one sexy greaser enough for you?

Note: You can download this song and G-Eazy’s entire album “The Endless Summer” for free here.