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Unlike many dedicated beer drinkers, I don’t have a bottle opener on my keychain (or my sandals) which on a hot day like today, often ends with a sever case of the ‘Bottle Cap Blues’. If only I knew some cool tricks that I could use to open bottles? This video features some of the best (and worst) ideas for popping a cold one when you find yourself stranded without a key (or just want to look cool). Personally, I’m just going to ask that hipster two palm trees to the left with a six pack of local brew on his blanket.

Seriously…I mean seriously. These tricks are ridiculous and are being dominated equally by both a frisbee and basketball. So much skill!

As someone who loves but is horrible at disc golf, I am blown away by the talent that this Brody guy has. The basketball dude (perfect) is amazingly talented too, but most of these tricks are designed to be difficult for a large spherical object with low resistance to wind and a known center of gravity. So seeing these same shots mastered with a Frisbee is insane!

(via Have You Seen This)