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I think vimeo user Greg Flynn said it best, “I could feel the spray in my face and a thrill in my heart as if I were taking off on beautiful swell about to tube.” As someone who surfed for a bit when I lived near warmer waters, I am amazed and inspired by how beautiful and hardcore these surfers are. Granted they are professionals (Kelly Slater, Danny Fuller, Dane Gudauskas, and Reef McIntosh to name a few). Though it is refreshing to see that even they get busted up from time to time. This swell is seriously epic (and stunningly photographed).

Holi, aka the Festival of Colors, is a traditional Indian holiday. But in South Folk, Utah crowds celebrate the holiday in our own innovative fashion, by throwing PAINT DUST at each other until they are completely covered in NEON!

With live music and ‘color throwing’ every few hours, this event is even more colorful than Burning Man. I WANT to go! Who’s in for next year?

These 3 dudes figured out how to move, eat, and learn in 11 different countries and made the videos to prove it. Definitely an awesome adventure project for them and a reminder to the rest of us that we should travel to new places as often as possible…and do cartwheels in front of the Eiffel Tower.