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Simon Christen spent two years creating Adrift, a “love letter to the fog of the San Francisco Bay Area.” To capture the stunning, floating fog-sea, Christen woke up early each day to look through all the weather data he could find, and then he would head out in search of the billowy fog as it moved over the bay. Blow it up in big screen.

Music for the video comes from The Album Leaf.

I love road trips because it’s one of the few chances I get to see the nothingness that surrounds many of America’s cities. This video is a visual road trip of San Diego County. All of the locations are within a two hour drive of the city itself and according to the photographer, Jeff Morris, he ‘could take you to every single location in this film in the same day.’ Though the cinematography-like motion makes each scene appear to be a recording, this timelapse consists of over 40,000 still photographs all shot on the Canon 5D Mark (II or III).

Soundlapse…like a timelapse, but with sound?

When writing this post, I was stumped as the what to call this style of video. It’s not a mashup or a remix since it’s composed of original recordings to an original tune. And it not really a collage, stopmotion, or timelapse. I suppose one could categorize it as found sound since the audio is taken from every day life, but the topic is so focused that I’ve concluded that soundlapse really is the best terminology.

Regardless of what you call this type of video, it’s clearly awesome. The sounds of the multi-line desk phones and janky old elevator really embody the chaos of working in an open office in New York City.

I am not a morning person. Judging by my angry zombie-like state when forced to waking up before 8am, I’m pretty sure I will never be a morning person. But this video makes me want to be. There is something so calming and magical about starting your day witnessing something as beautiful as clouds rolling over a sun painted sky.

In order to capture all this majesticness, the creator of this time-lapse woke up at 5 am everyday to set up his camera and take a shot every 5-10 seconds. I’m glad there are creative people in this world who are willing to wake up at the crack of dawn for their art. Otherwise, I’d miss out on these moments when mother nature reminds us that life is beautiful and when it’s not, another sunrise awaits us.