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In a world where the things we build often include several lines of code, I am awestruck by the mechanics of how stuff is made. Engines, which are almost as as plentiful as people, are complicated. And despite the grease and the sweat, there are still people who know how to fix them.

Watch “Goodoldluke” as he strips down and rebuilds an engine he bought from eBay for his Triumph Spitfire. I wouldn’t say he makes it look easy, but it’s definitely pretty.

Though the majority of reading these days happens on a 10” digital paper screen, I do miss the texture, touch, and smells of bound books.

Playing to their unique colors, structure, and design, the books in this beautifully-animated short literally jump off the shelves and come alive. Created by a Toronto couple who spent “many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books,” this playful stop-motion leaves me with the strange desire to rush to the nearest book store and give a copy of Hunger Games a happy new home.

Note: In going with today’s literary theme, I also recommend this video. It’s a page turner!