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I’m in love with this video. Yes, there are already so many well-shot sports documentary style videos out there, but this one leaves many of the cliches behind and focuses on the power of the visual. You can tell its by a solid group of shooters and editors and producers that just love making great video that tells great stories. Happy Hump Day, let this be your inspiration to finish the week strong.

I think vimeo user Greg Flynn said it best, “I could feel the spray in my face and a thrill in my heart as if I were taking off on beautiful swell about to tube.” As someone who surfed for a bit when I lived near warmer waters, I am amazed and inspired by how beautiful and hardcore these surfers are. Granted they are professionals (Kelly Slater, Danny Fuller, Dane Gudauskas, and Reef McIntosh to name a few). Though it is refreshing to see that even they get busted up from time to time. This swell is seriously epic (and stunningly photographed).

I can’t say it any better than the creator of this video, Mike Randolph, so I’ll simply quote him below:

In the city of Tarragona, Spain, Castellers gather every two years to see who can build the highest, most intricate human castles. This Catalan tradition requires astonishing strength, finesse, and balance. Not to mention courage.

There are definitely more than a few “Holy Shit!” moments in this video, so be prepared for heavy doses of awe, terror, and victory in equal parts.

Seriously…I mean seriously. These tricks are ridiculous and are being dominated equally by both a frisbee and basketball. So much skill!

As someone who loves but is horrible at disc golf, I am blown away by the talent that this Brody guy has. The basketball dude (perfect) is amazingly talented too, but most of these tricks are designed to be difficult for a large spherical object with low resistance to wind and a known center of gravity. So seeing these same shots mastered with a Frisbee is insane!

(via Have You Seen This)

Parkour is impressive in a “holy shit that looks cool, why don’t I look like that when I try it?” way that will almost inevitably lead to looking like an idiot.

By complete coincidence, this is also how I feel about drawing. I never had that gift of translating mental images into anything visually cohesive or recognizable aside from “blob,” “squiggle,” and “Personal signature that my bank still calls me to verify almost every month for the past seven years.”

So combine both of those things that I find impressive (and completely impossible) with elements of papercraft, flipbooks, and a giant wall, and I find myself shaking my head, smiling, and hitting “replay.”