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I love stories, especially ones that share insight into a time or place in history that many people didn’t have access to. I also love music. The combination of these two passions may explain why I have read the biographies of almost every popular musician who has published one (Note: I highly recommend Slash’s.) It also explains why I think story time with Mr. Roth is so “awesome”.

In this video published to Van Halen’s vimeo page, David Lee Roth explains why they wrote a “No Brown M&Ms” clause into Van Halen’s contracts. I think the reason is pretty brilliant, and no it’s not because he’s allergic to food coloring or gets off on being a rock diva.

I don’t quite understand how the swarthy, slapstick cartoon, Popeye, fits with the uptempo, lively sound of Wilco’s new track “Dawn on Me,” but I am excited to see the spinach-guzzling seafarer once again.

Wilco teamed up with King Features (who’s been producing Popeye cartoons since 1932) to create the first hand-drawn Popeye cartoon in more than 30 years. Featuring Popeye, Olive Oyl, Swee’ Pea, Bruno, and the hamburger-obsessed Wimpy, this collaborative music video draws Wilco into the animated world of America’s oldest blue collar hero and incorporates some of the series reoccurring jokes for fans. “Ug-gug-gug-gug.”