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It is seriously no secret that all of us at Here’s Some Awesome love Dr. Who. Due to our over all nerdiness, it should be assumed that we also are big fans of Back to the Future (which we are). What really jumps out at me about this original animated parody is that instead of taking video clips (in the usual fan tribute style) the creators animated a Saturday morning cartoon-style homage filled with giggles for fans.

Note: this video, though cool, will likely make no sense if you missed out on the David Tennant Doctor years.

Ready? READY? I don’t think you possibly could be. When first I read the title of this original online animated series by Dark Igloo, I squealed imagining the potential. Then I read the description…

Gnomeland Security are the adventures of 5 idiotic gnomes as they struggle to protect our nation from the animal kingdom’s foulest terrorists. From the perspective of most Americans, animal terrorism looks a lot like “natural occurrences,” which is why you’ve had no idea that this secret task force of mercenary delinquents has been keeping your ass safe … until now! The cat’s out of the bag and we’re here to waterboard it!

…and I was 100% convinced that no matter what this series had to be awesome. And it is! The intro alone is enough to make this video noteworthy. Before you get too excited, here is the set up. Think Archer with a team of tiny angry Jerry Garcia’s solving non-existent crimes. And begin.

Hanging on the edge of your toadstool? Here’s Part 2.

h/t LaughingSquid

Featuring what could possibly be the best bike horn solo ever, this Motherfucking Bike video captures the rage and entitlement of some certain two-wheel-transients. All while using the cheesiest fake moustaches and green screen I’ve seen in a long time. After watching this, I’m determined to find a way to rig my ride so I can cruise downhill while drinking coffee from a mug ‘on a motherfucking bike’.

“I’m on a Motherfucking bi-ike.” No Really I am. So thank you, WordPress app, for helping spread this piece of awesome.

“Can you do me a favor” and bare with me, there are three videos today because alone each is noteworthy, but as a set they are even more awesome. “Aggghhhh.”

The original, a three part video series, has been online for just over three weeks and makes me laugh almost to the point of not breathing. I would like to think that the girls I know and hang out with don’t fall into these stereotypes, but really, this parody captures a little part of most girls. And in case you were wondering, yes, that is in fact Juliette Lewis.

This parody, Shit Black Girls Say, was published a few days after the original and is awesome all on it’s own. It stars comedian and character actor, Billy Sorrell, and the sequel can now be found on his Youtube channel.

And completing the trio, is Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, a video released yesterday by YouTube NextUp winner and popular Youtube personality, Chescaleigh. Having grown up with many black friends, I find this one to be honest and relatable. Most notably when it come to hair. I have definitely been jealous of my friends awesome braids and afros and had to use all my restraint to resist touching their luscious locks. Past aside, I appreciate how (Fran)chesca took this meme to a new level by adding some social commentary on how you might not want to treat your friends (of any color).

On the hottest day of the season, one unlucky undergrad party is shaken by a shark…in their pool. And the only way to stop the bikini-laden carnage it too “get out”of the pool. How will they ever survive?

Just in time for Halloween, this parody of pretty much any classic horror movie trailer features all don’t-go-upstairs action that a good horror flick needs.

Note: Despite a lack of gore or nudity, this video has been flagged by YouTube. If you don’t feel like signing in to view it, I’ve posted another Halloween treat above.

It’s no secret that funny Lonely-Island style music videos do well on YouTube. They have for years and that will continue for the foreseeable future. However, they are incredibly hard to pull off and the difficulty level doubles if said music video is promoting a product or service.

But Jawbone rocks it in their of their modernization of  Ice Cube’s “Today was a Good Day.”  I think it’s partially due to the fact that they didn’t make the video about the product. They mention it briefly and you just happen to see it everywhere in the video.

Lately there have been several comical music videos that point out how cushy the lives of middle class American can be. Recent examples include First World Problems and Whole Foods Parking Lot. Both of which have “oh my gosh I totally do that” moments that make me feel a little sad about my life.

Playing into the “life is so hard when I’m inconvenienced” comedy trend,  I can applaud Jawbone for understanding their product and embracing their consumer base.