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It’s pretty clear that 10% of Finland is covered in water and the other 90% in awesome. Finland is not only home to Santa Claus, but has also birthed and nurtured many odd, but intriguing competitions, such as the Swamp Soccer Championships, Wife Carrying Contests, Who-Can-Sit-in-a-Sauna-the-Longest-and-Not-Die-Competitions, and maybe the most awesome of all, the Air Guitar World Championships.

Just 124 miles south of the Arctic Circle, super-enthusiastic air guitar players from all over the world gather in Oulu, Finland – aka the “Capital of Northern Scandinavia” – to compete for the prestigious title of Air Guitar World Champion, all while promoting world peace.

Another thing is clear after watching these performances: if you have ever said the only instrument you play is the air guitar, you lied.

So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado give it up for the first female* Air Guitar World Champion, Aline “The Devil’s Niece” Westphal from Germany.

If you think you got better moves than the Devil’s Niece or this guy or this guy and don’t care about looking like a fool all over the Internets, then get your act together and mark your calendars for next year’s competition. All of those hours you’ve spent in front of your mirror acting like a rock star could finally bring you the fame you deserve…and “end war and climate change and make all bad things disappear.”

*Dave C. brought it to my attention that there is another woman who holds the record for 1st female Air Guitar World Champion, Sonyk-Rok. On Wikipedia it’s reported that she tied for 1st in 2004, but is listed under the silver medals: “Sonyk-Rok…went on to Finland, where she tied for first place, becoming the 2004 World Air Guitar Co-Champion.” So, perhaps the more accurate title for the Devil’s Niece would be the first “sole” female gold winner.

Thanks to the HSA crew for having me this month! Let’s ROCK!