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So last night, I was out with friends and the mystery and legend that is Bill Murray came up. None to my surprise, this man is pretty much universally loved. And rightfully so! I can’t think of a movie he has been in that I hated (though there are a few that were meh and I like to forget exist). Off the top of my head, there are a about a half dozen movies he’s in that I love and are among my favorites. So keep doing what you are doing Bill and we will continue to pay tribute.

A karaoke classic sung by just about every awesome movie character you can think of.

Watching for the first time (of 20), I cheered for a few more random cameos including cartoon Batman and Professor Farnsworth. I must say, this masterfully crafted mash-up that took someone a very long time to piece together. According to the video description, Sir Mix-a-lots’ booty-shaking anthem is layered with clips from almost 300 movies.

Bonus cool: if you turn on the close captions you can see exactly what movie each clip is from.

Unlike many dedicated beer drinkers, I don’t have a bottle opener on my keychain (or my sandals) which on a hot day like today, often ends with a sever case of the ‘Bottle Cap Blues’. If only I knew some cool tricks that I could use to open bottles? This video features some of the best (and worst) ideas for popping a cold one when you find yourself stranded without a key (or just want to look cool). Personally, I’m just going to ask that hipster two palm trees to the left with a six pack of local brew on his blanket.

Yep, another Wednesday means another TED talk from Barrett; sun follows moon follows sun ad infinitum. But much like how today is an anomalous day whose existence doesn’t make any sense, today’s TED talk is a perfect storm of awesomeness that only comes around very often.

My love of TED talks is well documented on this site. As is my love of Mashups and the ethos behind mashup culture in general. What’s a bit less well-known (unless we know each other personally) is my love of the ALIEN franchise. Since this isn’t film school I won’t go into the reasonings behind that (Confined/Claustrophobic filmmaking as a source of constant unease and tension! Parallels with childbirth and motherhood coupled with disturbing sexual imagery!) but suffice to say that a good way to kill an hour or four is to buy me a beer and ask “Barrett, tell me what ALIEN is really about.”

So why is today special? Because today we get a mashup of TED and ALIEN. More specifically, today we get a TED talk from 2023 as imagined by ALIEN director Ridley Scott, in support of his forthcoming film PROMETHEUS, supposedly set in the ALIEN universe. I don’t even care that it’s viral marketing; it’s well made, well acted, fully supported and promoted by TED itself (How did they pull THAT one off Funny you should ask…) and it represents one of my favorite directors of all time returning to a franchise he launched. I honestly cannot think of a more awesome video to post today.