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I’ve had many a friend dive into this beer-making trend. The smell and amount of equipment required has only furthered my thought that buying beer is best. Admittedly, I am spoiled by all the amazing local brews in San Francisco. There are also a fair amount of shops that sell rare bottles and small batch here.

Though, I must say, I am charmed by this video. The couple is cute and I’m really routing for them. Will I ever brew my own beer? Probably not. Like cooking, it sounds like a fulfilling yet really expensive hobby. But I like to hold on to the idea that if I wanted to I could. I have never lived in a house nor do I think I will any time soon. So seeing two people pursuing their passion from their apartment is inspiring (to me at least).

Ever since I went to the launch party for Seedwell’s YouTube funded ‘channel’, American Hipster, I have been pretty smitten by their ‘Presents’ series. The intro promises ‘video portraits of American trendsetters’ and the episodes deliver. The show has already toured through many of America’s cities highlighting cool, local artisanal craftmanship. Frankly, I’m surprised that I haven’t written about this until just now. I highly recommend the series and sincerely hope that YouTube didn’t pull their funding.

The episode featured above highlights Marian Built, a furniture-maker from Seattle who creates all of his pieces from rusty reclaimed materials.

Before this video even has the chance to prove it’s ‘fucking awesome’ in rolls a Delorean. Wait, what? But it gets better. Macklemore rocks some serious second hand furs and footie pajamas while spitting out the glories of thrift shopping. Admittedly, the clothes featured in this video do err on the outrageous(ly awesome) side. But, when you look this hipster chic, who cares if your wearing granddad’s clothes (they ‘look incredible’).