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A karaoke classic sung by just about every awesome movie character you can think of.

Watching for the first time (of 20), I cheered for a few more random cameos including cartoon Batman and Professor Farnsworth. I must say, this masterfully crafted mash-up that took someone a very long time to piece together. According to the video description, Sir Mix-a-lots’ booty-shaking anthem is layered with clips from almost 300 movies.

Bonus cool: if you turn on the close captions you can see exactly what movie each clip is from.


Summer almost over (unless you live in San Francisco where it’s just starting) so I wanted to share this awesome summer song with you.

In a modern retelling of an old school problem, G-Eazy skilfully layers hiphop beats over Dion‘s #1 pop hit from 1961. Furthering theĀ foregone conclusion that anyone named Sue can not be trusted, director Tyler Yee portrays his retro-chic Sue as a devilishly sweet lady-about-town. Like the song, the music video combines an old school “let’s go to the ice cream shop after the sock hop” vibe with a present-day response to how one should react to such situations. Seriously Sue, isn’t one sexy greaser enough for you?

Note: You can download this song and G-Eazy’s entire album “The Endless Summer” for free here.