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Created by the popular (and immensely talented) digital director FreddieW, VGHS started as a kickstarter campaign where Freddie asked fans and video game enthusiasts to pitch in $75,000 so that he could make this series. Supporters blew Freddie’s modest goal out of the water and helped him raise over a quarter million dollars.

I mean why wouldn’t you want to pitch in some money to watch your favorite YouTuber make a series that sounds awesome? It’s about a school where students live video games (insert drama here)! VGHS is also jam packed with cameos from online and TV celebrities including Harley from Epic Meal Time, Zackery Levi from Chuck, and iJustine).

So tune in for VGHS’s first run on RocketJump. It’s also being released to Freddie’s channel on YouTube on a week delay. The pilot (above) sets the stage for the series. Episode two is expected to release this afternoon.

There are so many awesome things about this video, which clearly makes it #superawesome. It’s a compelling documentary (no small feat). The cinematography and editing are really well done. Then, there’s the amazing act of human kindness that the director displayed by completing a total stranger’s dream and making this little boy’s day, week, and maybe even month.

And then there’s Caine…I love Caine’s entrepreneurial spirit and how he’s so dedicated to his craft. I hope some day he starts his own business that takes over the world.

Having sent a camera into space, built stoplight costumes, and wired a kids car to drive itself around a building, I have a bit of a soft spot for cool DIY electronics projects. And I think this is this is really cool!!

Using an Arduino, some servos, and random bits found around office, Teague Labs captured addictive obstacle-based challenge of Mario into a package that can be carried around and played almost anywhere.

Stay tuned for the  second half of the video to learn what’s inside and how this “video game in a box” was made.