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For years, people have been talking about the impact that drones will have on our lives, whether under the control of airborne paparazzi, or the FBI. In the US, the FAA will issue rules on when and where drones can be used.

This video comes from Turkey, where violent protests erupted in May over the development of a downtown park. Video from the drone shows police moving in on protesters, throwing canisters of tear gas back and forth. Eventually, the drone was shot done by police. Video can be seen here.

I’ve had many a friend dive into this beer-making trend. The smell and amount of equipment required has only furthered my thought that buying beer is best. Admittedly, I am spoiled by all the amazing local brews in San Francisco. There are also a fair amount of shops that sell rare bottles and small batch here.

Though, I must say, I am charmed by this video. The couple is cute and I’m really routing for them. Will I ever brew my own beer? Probably not. Like cooking, it sounds like a fulfilling yet really expensive hobby. But I like to hold on to the idea that if I wanted to I could. I have never lived in a house nor do I think I will any time soon. So seeing two people pursuing their passion from their apartment is inspiring (to me at least).

I’m sort of fascinated by how physics acts on the very large and very small scales (ask a physicist sometime why 90% of your body is actually empty space, then try not to have an existential crisis.) Up until fairly recently, our observational techniques were limited to real time and anything beyond was left to either guesswork or imagination. It’s only very, very recently that the kind of equipment needed to perform these observations was available to the average layman.

Thus we have the above: a water droplet entering a still pool shot from a Phantom camera at what appears to be about 2000 frames per second. I can almost guarantee that you’re going to be surprised by what you see.