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OKay yes – this is marketing. We’ll get it out of the way at the beginning to acknowledge that Adidas didn’t do this out of the goodness of their own little hearts. That being said, it’s hard not to watch the video and think that David Beckham…well, that he actually did. There’s so much glee in his face when he comes around the corner and sees his fans’ reactions. Even though it’s short, I actually gained a lot of respect and admiration for Beckham from watching this. You can tell that despite his status as one of the most famous and successful footballers (that’s Rest-of-the-world for soccer player) of all time, he still appreciates his fans. Hell, at one point you can actually see him consoling a seven year old who’s clearly in the throes of his first nervous breakdown.

I’m warning you: you will cry. They may be manly tears, but you’ll shed ’em. But I can almost guarantee that you’ll also find yourself wearing a gigantic grin at the end. Adidas: if this is marketing, please feel free to give us more of the same, because it’s the best kind of marketing – the kind that gives the biggest fans a life changing experience they’d otherwise never have had.