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A karaoke classic sung by just about every awesome movie character you can think of.

Watching for the first time (of 20), I cheered for a few more random cameos including cartoon Batman and Professor Farnsworth. I must say, this masterfully crafted mash-up that took someone a very long time to piece together. According to the video description, Sir Mix-a-lots’ booty-shaking anthem is layered with clips from almost 300 movies.

Bonus cool: if you turn on the close captions you can see exactly what movie each clip is from.

Is this an ad? My guess is yes, but do I care? Nope. Featuring the very talented Marquese Scott, aka  Nonstop, this video showcases a new move by the sensational YouTube dancer called the ‘body drive.’ There’s a random car in the background and the video has it’s own landing page. All of pieces scream digital advertisement, but that’s not a bad thing.

Nonstop still impresses with moves that are part street, mime, and Michael Jackson all rolled into one breathtaking take. The first time I watched I thought the parking garage was green screened, but it’s not! According to the video description it was “shot in one take. There are no edits, no visual effects and no pre-planned choreography.’

Also interesting, this video of questionable origin also has four times the viewership of the official video for ‘Feel the Love’ by UKs Rudimental. So why wouldn’t the sponsor at the very least drop their name in the description? Are ad agencies selling subliminal as the next big thing? Or do I just not know the first thing about car brands in Europe?