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I’m a fan of the Showtime series Weeds and every time I hear the song “Little Boxes” regardless of who it is sung by, I visualize the opening credits rolling through my head. But this video (and subsequently cover) by Walk off the Earth wipes that visual clean. The song is so simple and clean, yet has depth and harmony. Then there is the set, made entirely out of cardboard boxes! As a kid, I loved to build the things I wanted but couldn’t have out of boxes so that I felt one step closer to getting it. Clearly, I needed to think bigger.

This video broke me. As in I’m sitting at my desk laughing so hard I can’t breath, broke me. Which must be why I forgot to mention, this robot band has the vocal styling of Stephen Hawking.

Step aside Maroon 5, in a battle of you vs robot Stephen Hawking, the robot clearly wins.

(hat tip: ohhaveyouseenthis)