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Ok so I know I’m only supposed to pick one awesome video per day, but I’m exploding with excitement about Nathan Fillion on The Daly Show. So I had to share. Being that it’s comic book related (as was my earlier post) I figured you would forgive me.

The video above is part of a web series staring Tim Daly (of Wings and Private Practice fame) and his son Sam. Using humor to play off the already unusual scenario of having a famous dad, the series “documents” Sam and Tim’s lives in a sitcom-esc way.

In the latest episode, Sam calls everyone’s favorite actor playing a mystery writer (Castle) to save Tim Daly from turning into his superhero alter-ego (Tim Daly has voiced Superman in several animated features). But what Sam fails to realize is that Nathan Fillion voices the Green Lantern in Justice League: Doom. Dun Dun Dun!

*Can’t breath* So excited! How could you not be? My love of comic book movies runs so deep and the Avengers is pretty much the epitome of all things dramatic and exploding. The fact that they got the leads from the multi-million dollar Marvel franchises to agree to be apart of this makes my heart pound. Though the trailer doesn’t offer much in terms of why I should go watch this movie, it makes me feel the conflict between the high-and-mighty superheroes, which is enough for me.