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My college buddies and I had a running injoke that was broadly similar to this, which makes me wonder if everybody else did, too, and we’re just not mentioning it to each other? This piece also has Joss Whedon in it for no apparent reason, which just makes it that much more surreal.

This one goes out to everyone who ever wished that Bob Ross wasn’t a middle-aged, happy-go-lucky man with an impressive ‘fro, but was instead an incredibly cynical, lazy, yet still reasonably talented and hilarious lady. Welcome. Welcome to The Art of Painting with Lily Sparks. Just FYI, there are about ten episodes all told, and I further recommend episodes three (which teaches us how to create a surefire eBay success) and nine (which contains nachos).

It’s been a number of years since I fell in love with Tim Minchin, and this song is why. I don’t remember where I stumbled across his work (it may have actually been this Epic Fu post, now that I think about it) but there’s a wonderfully complex balance of pathos and humor that really speaks to me. Since I didn’t really have anything particularly timely to post this week, I thought I might just post something I liked, and maybe turn a few of you onto Tim as an artist as well.

For more, you can check out his youtube channel, but I’d recommend Dark Side or Rock & Roll Nerd for some of is funnier bits, and one of his newer compositions White Wine in the Sun if you’re open to shedding maybe a tear or two at work.

Featuring what could possibly be the best bike horn solo ever, this Motherfucking Bike video captures the rage and entitlement of some certain two-wheel-transients. All while using the cheesiest fake moustaches and green screen I’ve seen in a long time. After watching this, I’m determined to find a way to rig my ride so I can cruise downhill while drinking coffee from a mug ‘on a motherfucking bike’.

“I’m on a Motherfucking bi-ike.” No Really I am. So thank you, WordPress app, for helping spread this piece of awesome.

Ok so I know I’m only supposed to pick one awesome video per day, but I’m exploding with excitement about Nathan Fillion on The Daly Show. So I had to share. Being that it’s comic book related (as was my earlier post) I figured you would forgive me.

The video above is part of a web series staring Tim Daly (of Wings and Private Practice fame) and his son Sam. Using humor to play off the already unusual scenario of having a famous dad, the series “documents” Sam and Tim’s lives in a sitcom-esc way.

In the latest episode, Sam calls everyone’s favorite actor playing a mystery writer (Castle) to save Tim Daly from turning into his superhero alter-ego (Tim Daly has voiced Superman in several animated features). But what Sam fails to realize is that Nathan Fillion voices the Green Lantern in Justice League: Doom. Dun Dun Dun!

“Can you do me a favor” and bare with me, there are three videos today because alone each is noteworthy, but as a set they are even more awesome. “Aggghhhh.”

The original, a three part video series, has been online for just over three weeks and makes me laugh almost to the point of not breathing. I would like to think that the girls I know and hang out with don’t fall into these stereotypes, but really, this parody captures a little part of most girls. And in case you were wondering, yes, that is in fact Juliette Lewis.

This parody, Shit Black Girls Say, was published a few days after the original and is awesome all on it’s own. It stars comedian and character actor, Billy Sorrell, and the sequel can now be found on his Youtube channel.

And completing the trio, is Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls, a video released yesterday by YouTube NextUp winner and popular Youtube personality, Chescaleigh. Having grown up with many black friends, I find this one to be honest and relatable. Most notably when it come to hair. I have definitely been jealous of my friends awesome braids and afros and had to use all my restraint to resist touching their luscious locks. Past aside, I appreciate how (Fran)chesca took this meme to a new level by adding some social commentary on how you might not want to treat your friends (of any color).