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Argentinian animators, 3dar, created this candy-colored job here about a monkey who is conflicted; torn between revenge at his home’s destruction, and extremely ambitious in the corporate world. He’s a mad monkey. And his ears never seem to touch his head.

Here’s a behind the scene video, for fun.

People swooned when Dove released their “Real Beauty Sketches” ads in mid-April. (Apparently there’s a new level of virility called “Mega Viral” – look it up in the next addition of “Made Up internet Phrases We’ll All Be Using Soon”).

As with anything that blows up, the parodies will follow and it took almost no time for this mock to appear for men.

Ready? READY? I don’t think you possibly could be. When first I read the title of this original online animated series by Dark Igloo, I squealed imagining the potential. Then I read the description…

Gnomeland Security are the adventures of 5 idiotic gnomes as they struggle to protect our nation from the animal kingdom’s foulest terrorists. From the perspective of most Americans, animal terrorism looks a lot like “natural occurrences,” which is why you’ve had no idea that this secret task force of mercenary delinquents has been keeping your ass safe … until now! The cat’s out of the bag and we’re here to waterboard it!

…and I was 100% convinced that no matter what this series had to be awesome. And it is! The intro alone is enough to make this video noteworthy. Before you get too excited, here is the set up. Think Archer with a team of tiny angry Jerry Garcia’s solving non-existent crimes. And begin.

Hanging on the edge of your toadstool? Here’s Part 2.

h/t LaughingSquid

Lynn [Shawcroft] … was married to Mitch Hedberg the last 6 years of his life. Needless to say she has lots of great stories and possesses many of Mitch’s notebooks which she shares in this episode.

Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comedians of all time – I put him up there with the greats, despite his short career. For some reason, his demeanor and humor really struck a chord with me. I still remember being hit with the news of his death – like much of my exposure to his material, it came via the internet. At first, it was a rumor, then a “fact,” and then days later, not a hoax.

It’s weird hearing his off-stage voice in this video – haunting even. That being said, it’s amazing to be able to hear stories about him, see “lost” footage of him on-stage, and hear his thoughts and demons as described and retold by his widow, Lynn Shawcroft.

This one goes out to everyone who ever wished that Bob Ross wasn’t a middle-aged, happy-go-lucky man with an impressive ‘fro, but was instead an incredibly cynical, lazy, yet still reasonably talented and hilarious lady. Welcome. Welcome to The Art of Painting with Lily Sparks. Just FYI, there are about ten episodes all told, and I further recommend episodes three (which teaches us how to create a surefire eBay success) and nine (which contains nachos).

It’s been a number of years since I fell in love with Tim Minchin, and this song is why. I don’t remember where I stumbled across his work (it may have actually been this Epic Fu post, now that I think about it) but there’s a wonderfully complex balance of pathos and humor that really speaks to me. Since I didn’t really have anything particularly timely to post this week, I thought I might just post something I liked, and maybe turn a few of you onto Tim as an artist as well.

For more, you can check out his youtube channel, but I’d recommend Dark Side or Rock & Roll Nerd for some of is funnier bits, and one of his newer compositions White Wine in the Sun if you’re open to shedding maybe a tear or two at work.