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If you’ve visited New York, you’ve wondered why one of the country’s oldest cities always looks like it is still being built. Since living here for a little more than a year, I have heard of a lot of mixed feelings toward the scaffolding that is shifting from block to block, in a never-ending cycle. The team behind the ODD NY vimeo channel have a great new animation paying homage to the metal webs of construction as the third installment in their series on New York. The narrator perfectly encapsulates the New York I know with the final lines,”This city is going to be great one day. Whenever it’s finished.”

I’m in love with this video. Yes, there are already so many well-shot sports documentary style videos out there, but this one leaves many of the cliches behind and focuses on the power of the visual. You can tell its by a solid group of shooters and editors and producers that just love making great video that tells great stories. Happy Hump Day, let this be your inspiration to finish the week strong.