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When I was eleven, I saved my allowance for three weeks so I could buy “License to Ill” from the scary adults who worked the MusicPlus on Fairfax. Twenty-five years and many pencil-winding “surgeries” later, it is one of the few cassettes I’ve bothered saving over the years despite the fact I no longer have a tape player. (Other tapes that survived the CD-MP3 transition are “Trapped in the Body of a White Girl” by Julie Brown and the “Rock n’ Roll High School” soundtrack). So, here is a little Beastie love. RIP MCA.

There something about this video that I love and that I can’t quite put my finger on. So I’ll just state the obvious. This expertly synched video Dub features everyone’s favorite Sesame Street Muppets who have come and rock the Sure Shot. Made “for fun” by the British creative agency Wonderfully Creative, this video gives us a glimpse into what the Grover could be like sans his annoying monster voice. Yes, I said it. His voice is annoying. It doesn’t mean I love him any less. But seriously, how cool is Grover as Mike D?

(via The Daily What)