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Imitation is purportedly the sincerest form of flattery, but it can also be a pretty good road to a laugh. I don’t know why we find it so entertaining – and it may just be me here – but we (I) do. Meet Josh Robert Thompson, commercial voice actor and voice of Geoff The Robot on the Craig Ferguson show. Josh has an amazing range of voices he can do (as you’ll see above) but his Morgan Freeman impression is what really seals the deal. Give it a watch because there’s an extra-special bonus video here too.

So that’s all fine and good (“Tell me more about that carpet! Narrate my life!”) but Craig Ferguson regularly has celebrity guests on his show, right? Has Morgan Freeman ever come on? Has Josh ever performed his Morgan Freeman impression in front of Morgan Freeman?

Funny you should ask

To celebrate the 20th year since Arnold Schwarzenegger promised “I’ll be back” and Terminator 2 came into existence, Swedish chip tune artists Ninja Moped (formally named Rymdreglage) created this hand-drawn tribute to “the best movie in the world”.

Featuring such classic scenes as Arnold peeling back his skin revealing his robot arm and T-1000 rising out of the floor taking out the guard with his metal finger sword, this painstakingly precise animation pays perfect homage to the movie franchise that first introduced me to cyborgs. Happy Birthday T2!