I’ve always wondered how the BBC was able to get such amazingly beautiful up close footage of wildlife doing their wildlife thing. And this is how! It’s so cool that I don’t even want to tell you. Just watch for yourself. To me, seeing how they are filmed is twenty-fold more exciting than watching animals in the wild (which is an impressive feet).

I know, I know. Ads can do crazy things, what with their over-the-top budgets, star power, and flexible format. And sharing them just plays into their whole reason for being. But this ad for Madden ’15 is just nuts, and even though I don’t care for Madden, or sports video games, or Kevin Hart, or Dave Franco, this video has so many absurd, funny, over-the-top turns, that I can’t help myself.

Making a classic song new (or in this case old) again isn’t a new thing. In fact, Post Modern Jukebox has been at it for over four years. Traditionally, the group would perform their remixed renditions in their living room. But apparently, the landlord wasn’t too cool with that. In an effort to keep things going while they plan their ‘eviction tour’, they’ve released this jazzy number. Ordinarily, I’m not a huge fan of their videos (which have been quite popular over the years) but the addition of the new setting and cinematography has me sold.

Here’s some inspiration for the day or maybe even the year. Doing something you love and not getting results or recognition is difficult. It’s easy to think that if I work hard and do good work I should be successful, right? But no. I’ve been writing for this site for over 3 years and it’s not some big brand that everyone has heard of. Not that I thought it to be, but I did expect it to be more popular that it is by now. Not getting the results you feel like you’ve earned is deflating and you start to ‘give up’ or care less at the exact moment that you are about to break through and should be pushing harder. So this is a reminder from the wise and accomplished Ira Glass to not give up, try harder, care a little bit more, and close your own creative gap.