And I am so happy that I’ve watched this third installment of my favorite googly eyed friend a dozen times. I am one of those people who are obsessed. Their new book exists because I will buy it. I figure it’s only fair since these videos that bring me so much joy the once a year they are released cost me nothing. So heck yeah I’ll buy that book, just so you can release a new episode next year.

Scotland native and filmmaker, Danny Macaskill, recently took to the peaks of Isle of Skye with his mountain bike. Danny might be a little insane in his dare devil ways, but these ridge side views are simply stunning. Uploaded yesterday, The Ridge has already been viewed 2 million times in a single day.

Lighting is the secret to any good photo. But why stop there? Jeff Goldblum (with the help of GE Link) wants you to make your whole life look like one big (hilarious) photo shoot. According to our most trusted dinosaur doctor Jeff, ‘now you can get successful guy lighting at normal guy prices…for an embarrassingly small amount of money you can kiss your horribly lit non-successful life goodbye.’ Well, Jeff, I’m sold. [note:the original version has been made private. See alternate upload above.]

Have you ever thought ‘man, I wish I had a pet camera drone I could wear as a bracelet on my wrist and release to do my biddings whenever I need a hands-free selfie?’ Well, if you have you are luck, because it now exists. Nixie is an entry in Intel’s wearable competition here in SF next month. We will see how this little photobug does.