Not A Video

Hey, guys! Here’s Some Awesome is getting a little awesomer on Wednesdays! We’re now joined by new contributor Brandon Goodwin, who will be getting you over Hump Day with his video selections. Who’s Brandon? In his own words:

Brandon Goodwin is a multimedia producer for, the TODAY show website, wearing many hats as a photo editor, video producer and as the community manager for their Tumblr account. His new focus is on creating platform-specific multimedia for TODAY social channels and collaborating with the TODAY Orange Room, a new, innovative broadcast / digital video space. He also makes GIFs, and lots of them.

Please welcome Brandon, and look forward to his future picks!

Hey, so you might have noticed new faces around these parts! As we gear up for our next phase, we’re bringing new folks into the HSA fold:

Newbie Matt Rivera‘s official bio is as follows:

Matt Rivera is a Senior Video Producer at where he is responsible for producing Original Video Series on topics such as innovation technology, non-profits, small business, healthcare and consumer protection.

And he’ll be posting on Tuesdays. In fact, he already did so this morning!

Also, our friend Jon Sung has guest-edited in the past, but will be contributing regularly on Fridays!

More details to come — but in the meantime, welcome Matt and Jon, and look forward to their picks!

Hellooooooooooooo October! A huge thanks to Kesila for joining us in September, and a hearty welcome to Alex Delyle as our October guest editor! She tells her story as follows:

Once upon a time, I ate online video for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Now it’s just a filling mid-day snack, but I still love it. As editor of The Daily Reel (which is where I met the illustrious Liz and Felicia), I wrote about the emerging online video scene all the way back in 2006. Six years later, shit’s gotten real. Now I spend my days writing commercials, and my nights hatching evil plans.

She is also personally responsible for at least one million of the views this video has gotten:

Please welcome Alex, and look forward to her picks!

September is here! Huzzah! Huge thanks to Connie Hwong for joining us in August.

This month, HSA has the pleasure of welcoming Kesila Childers for Friday video-posting! Kesila is Director of Digital Media for Bunim-Murray (they created The Real World!) and in her own words:

I like people and their stories. Since I have the attention span of a gnat — the Internet is a good place for me to spend a majority of my time. In regards to entertainment I have worked in television production, talent management and explored the wide west of digital media. Worthy of note: I am also a fan of bourbon, baseball and adventures.

Please welcome Kesila, and look forward to her picks!

Hi everybody! A new month, a new victim — I mean, a new wonderful guest editor! I’ll let the awesomesauce Connie Hwong introduce herself in her own words:

I’ve done just about everything besides janitorial and geeky programming work. I’m currently the community manager for GigaOM and GigaOM Pro, but in the past few years, I’ve also worked as a grantwriter for BAVC, a nonprofit art and technology organization, managed a nonprofit art gallery, and served as contributing editor over at Flavorpill. These days, I still kick it as a freelance music journalist, and my writing has appeared in ALARM, XLR8R, and the Noise Pop Festival program guide, among others. My spirit animal is the red panda, and I enjoy ramen, bicycles, and napping. Oh so much napping.

You can follow Connie on Twitter at @crh. Please join me in welcoming Connie, and looking forward to her picks!

Hey, everybody! So how great was Jon last month, huh? So great. Thanks so much, Jon!

This month, we’re joined by the editors of (_wheeeeeeee on Twitter!) Asked to describe themselves, they went with this:

18-ish months ago, a little blog called Wheeeeeeee! was foisted upon an unsuspecting populous by two creative professionals sharing a common interest: finding good stuff and then quipping it to death. Built on little more than moxie and ignorance, Wheeeeeeee! now stands as a bastion of high internet culture, aggregating and creating content for an exponentially growing audience of spambots.

So as you can see, they are experts at this whole picking-a-video-and-posting-it-on-Wordpress thing. Please welcome Dave and Dan, and join me in looking forward to their picks!

As of today, it’s officially June! Ain’t that grand. And so we bid a thankful adieu to the wonderful Erin Maxwell for guest-editing in May, and are joined by the equally wonderful Jon Sung as this month’s guest editor!

Jon describes himself as “a freelance copywriter and all-around idea man,” whose many projects include Dogblog, Problem Saloon and Names for Things. He also Twitters and is in a band! That’s pretty cool!

Please welcome Jon, and look forward to his picks!

First off: So many thanks to the awesome Kathleen Grace for guest-editing in March! She was rad, right? Totally rad. I’m glad we all agree.

And this month, we’ve got the also excellent Jay Bushman! Jay Bushman has been a pioneer in the realm of storytelling for the web with projects like #sxstarwars, and currently works as a writer and experience designer at Fourth Wall Studios. He’s a producer on the upcoming interactive series Dirty Work, and is my primary Tumblr resource for nerdy British television links.

Please welcome Jay, and join me in looking forward to his picks!

Hey, everyone! How great was having Doug Spice join us for January, huh? How lame was it not having a guest editor in February? The answer to those questions is super-great and super-lame! So we’re going all out for March with Kathleen Grace!

Kathleen first entered the web video trenches as the creator of The Burg, and since then has gone onto become the head of creator outreach for YouTube Next Lab (while also continuing to direct/produce things). She’s pretty cool. She’s already chosen one great video! So please join me in looking forward to her picks!

Hey gang! Man, Brady Forrest totally nailed it back in December, right? Great posts! Thanks, Brady! But now it’s 2012, which means a new year and a new guest editor for January. Let’s welcome Doug Spice!

Doug is a co-founder of the hybrid media company Psychic Bunny, which has worked with all sorts of interesting clients including the Venetian Hotel,, and the U.S. Military, and a writer/director in his own right. Please join me in looking forward to Doug’s picks!