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Yeah, I was pretty sick of Gangnam Style too – it’s sort of been…everywhere. I decided to make an exception when I stumbled upon an a cappella cover though, because I find the conceit of a cappella versions of electronic songs to be intriguing. Turns out, I was pretty impressed by how well a group of just five people were able to cover the entire song while keeping the tone and tenor (pun intended) intact. Definitely worth checking out.

Okay, so I loved (read: LOVED!!) The Avengers. I saw it twice in theaters and am honestly a little shocked the Blu-ray isn’t currently playing on my TV. With that said, I can absolutely laugh along as Screen Junkies takes the piss out of the film with their latest edition of Honest Trailers.

It shouldn’t need to be stated by this point, but MASSIVE SPOILERS ABOUND, so if you have any plans on seeing the film and somehow don’t already know every major plot point, don’t watch the above video. If you’ve already seen it, then regardless of whether or not you liked, loved, or hated it, there are some serious out-loud laughs contained within.

You don’t really need to sell me on wine. I’m Italian so I’ve been drinking wine since I was about 12, have a wine fridge that generally stays full despite my best efforts, and have family that works in the wine industry (this helps with the aforementioned “keeping the wine fridge full” bit.) Thankfully enough I also live in California, home to some of the best wine regions in the world (suck it France!) (Just kidding.) (Like 90% kidding.)

Here’s the other thing: I don’t really care if you’re marketing something, just so long as you entertain me while you’re doing so. Dollar Shave Club, Old Spice, hell (some) movie trailers are exactly this concept writ large. Especially with the growth of Youtube as a sharing platform, companies and industries continuously try and fail at online marketing because they play it too safe and think the product is more important than the message.

And then there’s Paso Robles Wine Country, who apparently decided “Fuck it, let’s have fun with this thing” and then actually did. Honestly, I expected it to fall short – to hit the pitfalls that 99% of other attempts do. I was wrong – not only is it actually really entertaining, but they did so while still getting their message across.

Good on you Paso Robles Wine – I think I’ll have to check you out again in the near future.

I love learning new things, and I love when someone can take an incredibly complex concept and break it down using metaphors to make it understandable. This is probably the best explanation I’ve ever seen of how encryption works, and why prime numbers are so important to the process. Not only does it make perfect sense by the end of the video, but it does this using – of all things – paint swirls.

Lynn [Shawcroft] … was married to Mitch Hedberg the last 6 years of his life. Needless to say she has lots of great stories and possesses many of Mitch’s notebooks which she shares in this episode.

Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comedians of all time – I put him up there with the greats, despite his short career. For some reason, his demeanor and humor really struck a chord with me. I still remember being hit with the news of his death – like much of my exposure to his material, it came via the internet. At first, it was a rumor, then a “fact,” and then days later, not a hoax.

It’s weird hearing his off-stage voice in this video – haunting even. That being said, it’s amazing to be able to hear stories about him, see “lost” footage of him on-stage, and hear his thoughts and demons as described and retold by his widow, Lynn Shawcroft.

LEGO were a huge part of my childhood. Okay, that’s a blatant lie – they still are. Hell, for Christmas last year my girlfriend signed me up for a LEGO club that delivers a new set every two months – it was the best. Christmas. EVER!

Ahem. Anyway.

To celebrate their 80th Anniversary, LEGO produced this short animated film telling the history of the company. While I’m honestly a little disappointed that it wasn’t actually made with LEGO, it’s still a well-made and entertaining short film. Now – also to celebrate their 80th anniversary – I’m going to produce a spaceship with lasers!

Robots are awesome, right up until the nigh-inevitable robot revolution wherein they destroy and/or enslave all of humanity forcing a scrappy group of rebels to rise up in defiance for all mankind. But until then? Totally awesome.

So awesome, in fact, that the University of Pennsylvania has an entire department dedicated to the idea of making increasingly more awesome robots. It’s called the GRASP Lab, or General Robotics Automation, Sensing, And Perception Laboratory, and Fast Company drops by to interview the teachers and students, and avoid asking the obvious questions like “Why are you enabling the end of the world as we know it? and “But seriously, how fucking sweet is your life until then?”

Unfortunately their embed code seems to be a little off so until we get that sorted out, I highly recommend you check it out on their site. If/when we get that fixed, we’ll update the post to embed the video.

OKay yes – this is marketing. We’ll get it out of the way at the beginning to acknowledge that Adidas didn’t do this out of the goodness of their own little hearts. That being said, it’s hard not to watch the video and think that David Beckham…well, that he actually did. There’s so much glee in his face when he comes around the corner and sees his fans’ reactions. Even though it’s short, I actually gained a lot of respect and admiration for Beckham from watching this. You can tell that despite his status as one of the most famous and successful footballers (that’s Rest-of-the-world for soccer player) of all time, he still appreciates his fans. Hell, at one point you can actually see him consoling a seven year old who’s clearly in the throes of his first nervous breakdown.

I’m warning you: you will cry. They may be manly tears, but you’ll shed ’em. But I can almost guarantee that you’ll also find yourself wearing a gigantic grin at the end. Adidas: if this is marketing, please feel free to give us more of the same, because it’s the best kind of marketing – the kind that gives the biggest fans a life changing experience they’d otherwise never have had.