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Thanks to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, you too can be just like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, sort of. All you need is a Microsoft Kinect strapped on your shoulder, CMU’s fancy finger-tracking software, a portable projector, and some other stuff I don’t understand (A.K.A. magic). It’s called OmniTouch – “a novel wearable system that enables graphical, interactive, multitouch input on arbitrary, everyday surfaces.”

Screens? Where we’re going we don’t need screens. And with that, my guest posting on HSA comes to an end. Farewell, internet friends.

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I’ve been listening to the new M83 album released this week on repeat at the Blip office, and it’s doing wonders for my productivity. There’s something about chill tracks that focus my attention like a laser beam. Anyway, here’s the trippy video for the first single, directed by Fleur & Manu. Think Harry Potter meets Watchmen.

Hello internet, my name is Rick and I’ll be guest blogging on HSA this month. So many videos, so little time. I’ll start off with an episode of one of my favorite web series, Craigslist TV, which follows real people who post real ads on Craigslist. This episode features a stuntman named Captain USA (pronounced oosa) as he searches for a volunteer to set him on fire.

Despite the absurdity of the stunt, there’s a lot of heart and determination here, and I think you’ll really feel for USA and his Lady Liberty. Part 1 is above, Part 2 is below.