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Sneaking in through a series of illegal tunnels, Banksy entered the closed of community of Gaza that is growing in population but lacking all resources to rebuild after the bombing last July. Though dangerous and highly illegal, I respect that like many of his other pieces, the artist took his work to a location in need of joy and attention.

This is my new favorite. There are so many things to love: rap music sung with a German accent, dad in the back seat playing accordion (wiki wiki), how focused and proper mom is in her driving. Oh and let’s not forget her flipping someone the bird. This video makes me wish to some day have a family so cool that we do things like this together “Mamma said knock you out.”

I know some tall people. In fact, my last roommate was 6’7″. Ceiling fans and doorways were his worst enemies. I often giggled to myself when he needed to duck to walk off the subway. But 8’3″!!! That is a full foot and a half taller than the tallest person I know. Just look at those huge converse. How would you ever have room in your closet for more than two shoes?

I’m conflicted about this one, though undoubtedly I think it’s going to gain a ton of attention. Partly, because it shines light on very relevant issues that effects many woman (including myself). Women’s workplace inequality is so prevalent that the Columbia Business School students who made this parody music video recognize the pains of female leadership before they even start their careers. That said, I don’t love how it paints women outside to office as either meek housewives or exactly the same as stereotypical high powered men.

Women should be encouraged to be who ever they want to be when they walk out that office door. Be it an artist, athlete, homemaker, or awesome friend. Instead, this video makes powerful women aspire to be alcoholic, sex maniacs who oppress men. I really could do without that bit, but I think the larger message is still worth sharing