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First, I really think I should have lived in the past. I’ve always had a fascination with the 1930’s so I was sold from the title. But what it doesn’t tell you is the skill and the craft that is needed to not only learn but play these complicated instruments built largely of wood, metal, and strings, that all look so crude and sound so different. The result is a hauntingly beautiful found sound that makes New Order’s almost entirely digitized track re-energized by the hands-on hardware of the past.

It is insanely impressive how creator Daniel Cloud Campos was able to make something as flat and lifeless as clothing and make it come to life in such a realistic way. The familiarity of just a crinkle or fold in the fabric brings so much depth to the characters. Yes, clothes are the characters and it is awesome.

Sneaking in through a series of illegal tunnels, Banksy entered the closed of community of Gaza that is growing in population but lacking all resources to rebuild after the bombing last July. Though dangerous and highly illegal, I respect that like many of his other pieces, the artist took his work to a location in need of joy and attention.


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