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Someone sent me this Yoko Ono video for ‘Bad Dancer’ as a not so subtle reminder that I can’t dance. It’s ridiculous, it’s frivolous, but it makes me laugh to see all these folks (2 Beastie Boys, Ira Glass, Reggie Watts) jumping around like fools.

In looking for some background on the video, I came across this video from Paul McCartney’s latest album, “New.” Like the Yoko Ono video, it’s got celebrities dancing around, but unlike the Bad Dancers, these folks have no reason to be here. To wit: why is Jude Law being moody with a hat? Why did someone do such a shoddy chroma job with Chris Pine? And why is Johnny Depp listening to his phone, when Paul McCartney is playing piano next to his head? What a punk.

In a Spanish plaza, a young girl drops a coin in front a tuxedoed Bass player. Pretty soon, the lone performer has been joined by a full orchestra. Staged as part of the 130th anniversary of Banco Sabadell, the flash mob is only part of the what makes this video work so well. The production is almost too clean, as if it were staged. But who cares – free, quality public art is its own best justification. This video is an old one, but still a good one.

Greg Packer is not a media hound. He’s just a guy who will drive hundreds of miles to appear at a news event and make sure he gets quoted. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Apparently, the Associated Press thinks there is, and they sent out a company-wide memo to discourage reporters from quoting Mr. Packer.