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I was actually just thinking about this song the other day (it’s used to adorable effect in the BBC America series “Orphan Black”) as it was an adolescent favorite; Michael Cera and Jenny Slate’s take on the feminist rock anthem is indisputably weird, and not at all the way you might remember the original. But it’s also strangely compelling.

Hey, guys! Here’s Some Awesome is getting a little awesomer on Wednesdays! We’re now joined by new contributor Brandon Goodwin, who will be getting you over Hump Day with his video selections. Who’s Brandon? In his own words:

Brandon Goodwin is a multimedia producer for, the TODAY show website, wearing many hats as a photo editor, video producer and as the community manager for their Tumblr account. His new focus is on creating platform-specific multimedia for TODAY social channels and collaborating with the TODAY Orange Room, a new, innovative broadcast / digital video space. He also makes GIFs, and lots of them.

Please welcome Brandon, and look forward to his future picks!

So apparently the story is this — Lenny Kravitz, creator of songs, Zoe Kravitz and stylish ensembles for Katniss Everdeen of District 12, was walking down the street, and happened to overhear the Voice of Praise Choir of New Orleans’ First Baptist Church, performing “Fly Away” on the street.

Kravitz proceeds to join in.

The part I love happens about halfway through, when Kravitz hops on the drums: For one thing, I always love musicians who can genuinely play more than one instrument. For another thing, he’s not trying to take over — he simply keeps the beat going while this kid in a blue polo shirt busts out a pretty mean guitar solo. That’s what music should be about — people gathering together, for no other reason than to make a joyous noise.