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Video and light projections don’t usually peak my attention, but this one is something special. Projected on New York’s Manhattan Bridge as part of the DUMBO Arts Festival, the As Above, So Below experience is pretty intense. Living in New York for five years after college, I traveled over this bridge at least ten times each week, but I’ve never seen it quite like this Be sure to follow it through until the end.

Via LaughingSquid

I try not to get sucked into the cute animal video du jour, but the above is neither cats nor puppies, so I’m bumping it into the category of awesome. Titled “Lovely Owl,” the video depicts owls of various attractiveness involved in a love triangle of sorts.

After you’re finished watching, I strongly suggest a quick visit to Hungover Owls, for some appropriate Friday hilarity.

Thanks for the intro, Liz! I’m excited to be a month-long part of something so awesome.

I’m Kristen and I have a new life goal: to track down a murmuration of starlings. The above video demonstrates why. In addition to looking adorably rustic, two girls in a rowboat captured this gorgeous phenomenon of nature.

Starlings are amazing creatures, moving elegantly in flocks — murmurations — of thousands. Besides creating these striking, dance-like movements while in flight, starlings also imitate sounds, from other birds to car alarms(!). Pretty impressive and amazingly beautiful.