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I’m going to Japan tomorrow to visit my brother and in honor of that I’m sharing my favorite Japanese YouTuber: Megwin. He does a painful/dangerous physical challenges and funny sketches. I mostly watch him abuse himself. Pratfalls are the universal language of comedy.

The above is a video from Miss Representation, a non-profit that was birthed from a film. I went to see a screening of the documentary last night. Their trailer made the social network rounds several months ago so I was excited for the chance to see the film. A lot of the message I’d heard before, but sometimes it’s good to be reminded how important even the little choices are. Which leads me to my next point.

I went home after the screening and turned on the TV and indulged in my guilty pleasure- Criminal Minds- an absurd procedural TV show starring Mandy Patinkin. It’s about the behavioral analysis group of the FBI.  Half way thru I started to feel a little sick to my stomach. This particular episode was about a teenaged boy who fantasizes about killing prostitutes. Less in an hour before I had been patting myself on the back for seeing an important, thought provoking documentary about the portrayal of gender in media. Hypocrite much? These procedurals perpetuate the image of women as victims and men as monsters. I’m taking a vow starting today- no more cop shows. No forensic shows. No more shows where women get killed. Anyone else with me?

Even though I’ve busted out a few of his hits while karaoking, I would not say I am a huge fan of Richard Marx, but I am a huge fan of discovering semi-famous, really famous, or really awesome people that have undiscovered YouTube channels.

This one might be my favorite because Richard Marx, most famous for Right Here Waiting, actually is quite good at vlogging. He answers questions, brings along his friends, and even does special holiday vlogs.

So I mega-cheated on this post by linking to a billion other videos, but wasn’t it worth it? I am subscribing to Richard, Yoko, and Dr. Ruth.