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And by “across the pond,” I mean the good ol’ US of A. Since pretty much the entirety of the Harry Potter series takes place in the UK, I dig seeing a fan film that deals with the wizarding world further abroad, with new characters and a new macguffin. Nice.

We sent a robot probe to Saturn, and it took some video. Here’s some of it arranged more for aesthetic than educational purposes; it’s hypnotic. Saturn, you guys!

This video is fantastic, but what I would really like is some handheld camera footage taken from the surface of Europa, a moon of Jupiter we’re fairly sure contains liquid water beneath an icy crust, vastly increasing the chances of the existence of life thereon. I’m just sayin’.

Folks, I’m in the mood for education — and out to correct an ancient injustice in the process.

Several million people out there on the internet have seen this impeccable Sesame Street overdub of “Ante Up” by now, or at least they did back in 2008, which seems so long ago it may as well never have happened. Here, bask in nostalgia with me for a second, or more like 88 of them:

But fewer — far fewer! — seem to have found this one, which uses a remix of the same track and brings back some of my favorite TV aliens of all time:

If you missed it back in 09 (and chances are good you might have, given their shockingly disparate view counts), well, my work here is done. Yip.