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As my last guest post on Here’s Some Awesome*, I thought you’d enjoy nature gone wild.  There have been many instances of animals getting a little crazy, such as:
Panda Trying to Nom a Tourist
Circus Lion Attacks Trainer During Show
Kittah Sneaks up on Other Kittah
You get the idea.


Well, today’s video is what happens when carp get a little excited and slap happy.  Enjoy!

If that title wasn’t enough to make you excited, this video is part of a book series called “50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Children Do” by Gever Tulley & Julie Spiegle.  Uh, AWESOME!  I used to do this and many other “dangerous” things as a child, such as swing from trees on homemade Tarzan-esq contraptions, set off fireworks, run with scissors, and most importantly, jump off of roofs into piles of leaves and/or hay.

What were some of the “dangerous” things you would do as a kid?

There are some days that are worth looking through old Bollywood videos on Youtube to be amazed and entertained.  This, my friends, is one of them.

It’s got wannabe Michael Jackson flair and Olivia Newton John’s “stylish” sensibilities.  Mix in some dance-y karate moves using snow and mountains as a backdrop, and you’ve got a hit! God bless Bollywood in 1987.

Adorable couple Rita and Frank are having some issues trying to take a picture with their computer.  Obviously, they didn’t realize the video camera was actually on, and we get to see their cuteness in all it’s technologically handicapped glory.  They get bonus points for their New York accents.


“If You Believe in Yourself, You Will Know How to Ride A Bike” and “Thumbs up to Rock & Roll” are probably the key takeaway points from this incredibly excited child.

In his adulthood, this kid will either:
A.) become a celebrated motivational speaker ala Leo Buscaglia
B.)  race 10 motorcycles/bicycles at a time
C.) become a great dictator ala Charlie Chaplin

The world is his oyster!  Rock and Roll!!!