Making a Post-Beatles Music Video? Just add celebrities

Someone sent me this Yoko Ono video for ‘Bad Dancer’ as a not so subtle reminder that I can’t dance. It’s ridiculous, it’s frivolous, but it makes me laugh to see all these folks (2 Beastie Boys, Ira Glass, Reggie Watts) jumping around like fools.

In looking for some background on the video, I came across this video from Paul McCartney’s latest album, “New.” Like the Yoko Ono video, it’s got celebrities dancing around, but unlike the Bad Dancers, these folks have no reason to be here. To wit: why is Jude Law being moody with a hat? Why did someone do such a shoddy chroma job with Chris Pine? And why is Johnny Depp listening to his phone, when Paul McCartney is playing piano next to his head? What a punk.

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