BuzzFeed Originals: 16 Annoying Things About Being A Girl

I must admit I am off my game lately. I’ve been too busy at work and missing a lot of great new videos. Case in point, Space Oddity. Also, BuzzFeed. Since when have they been pumping our regular original content? According to their BuzzFeedYellow YouTube channel, the answer is a month ago. But in that time, they have racked up a dozen or so videos with some serious views! My guess is this is in no small part to ZeFrank leading the video charge there. I’ve watched a few of BuzzFeed’s videos today and they’ve all been simple, targeted, popular, and mostly funny. My recommendations (all directly applicable to me): Why It’s Hard Out There For A Lefty, How to Piss Off Everyone in Your Office in 66 Seconds, Life In Your 20s Vs 30s, and Why Getting Into Shape Is The Worst.

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