ADHD: Animation Domination High Def

I don’t know how I haven’t seen or heard of this before but I love it! Every Monday ADHD releases a new cartoon and they are all awesome. I’ve just watched six and I’ll likely watch a dozen or so more. According to their YouTube channel, ADHD will run as a series on FOX starting this summer. I’m not sure if these cartoons are teasers for the show or a sample of what we can expect in a 22 minute format but either way, I’m excited. Finally, there’s show that fits my sense of humor (fact-based, not mean or judgy) and my attention span. Ok, now that you’re interested, here’s one more.
Note: Not all of ADHD’s videos are about freakishly deformed men. I just happened to like these two.

  1. Love the “Scientifically accurate” series, they had another on on the Ninja Turtles.. will be interesting to see what they do with the full 30 min eps.

  2. Adrian said:

    Thanks for shariing this

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