“The Simpsons” remind you that it’s votin’ time!

Voting isn’t just deciding between two dudes in suits. Here in California, there’s a proposition on the ballot that would require genetically modified food products to say on their labels that they’re GMO. Voting, at least in California’s case, is literally about WHAT WE PUT IN OUR BODIES.

Voting is real. Voting is important, and that’s why you keep hearing about it, and maybe you’re sick of it. But here’s the thing: It’s fun. It is! You pull a lever or push a button or stamp a ticket and each time you do it, that’s you, saying to your city and state and country, this is what I think. And then you get a sticker!

No one will judge you for voting for a judge because they have a funny name. But people will judge you for not voting. So go out and do it. Seriously. Because I guarantee whatever happens, it’ll be easier for you than it will be for Homer Simpson.

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