Surfing Cloudbreak

I think vimeo user Greg Flynn said it best, “I could feel the spray in my face and a thrill in my heart as if I were taking off on beautiful swell about to tube.” As someone who surfed for a bit when I lived near warmer waters, I am amazed and inspired by how beautiful and hardcore these surfers are. Granted they are professionals (Kelly Slater, Danny Fuller, Dane Gudauskas, and Reef McIntosh to name a few). Though it is refreshing to see that even they get busted up from time to time. This swell is seriously epic (and stunningly photographed).

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  1. Tod said:

    Wow – awesome vid – thanks. Cloudbreak is such a heavy spot – I’m from the North Shore of Oahu and I was totally intimidated by the waves when I was there. Thanks for the post.

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