Long Can Be Fun

Every few months I hear the following, “Long form does not work on the Internet, sans streaming movies and television shows”. I simply do not believe this. Sure, I love to jump around from one tab to another in my favorite browser (Rock Melt, in case you were wondering) but good content is good content.

Team Coco Presents, “Serious Jibber-Jabber with Conan O’Brien” is a perfect example of this. O’Brien apologizes at the top for stealing Charlie Rose’s set. That is less than ten seconds in and the last joke made. It is clear that O’Brien is fascinated by Presidential biographer Edmund Morris which makes for a fantastic 47 minutes. The only downside is what Team Coco clearly points out at the beginning, “The following is something Conan wanted to do. He will make more whenever time and fate allow.”

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