PBS IdeaChannel is the Internet Culture Web Series Gotham Deserves…

… and fortunately it’s also the Internet Culture web series that we need right now.

Partially thanks to the giant New Deal-esque public works project that is the YouTube Creators Program, there are a number really outstanding educational web series out there right now (Crash Course and Vsauce come to mind.)

The one that’s had my attention all summer has been PBS IdeaChannel created by web video production veterans Kornhaber+Brown and memefactory’s Mike Rugnetta.

In this episode of IdeaChannel, Mike explains the web comic phenomenon that is Homestuck – MS Paint Adeventures by comparing it to James Joyce’s Ulysses. Yes you read that right. Homestuck ≥ Ulysses.

The content itself is intelligent yet approachable, it’s well paced, and it’s always funny.

Best of all is the last two minutes of every video which they use to reply to comments from the previous week’s episode. It’s a highly engaging feature and it helps make the whole thing awesome.

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