‘I’m Gonna Pop Some Tags’ is the new Thrift Shop Anthem

Before this video even has the chance to prove it’s ‘fucking awesome’ in rolls a Delorean. Wait, what? But it gets better. Macklemore rocks some serious second hand furs and footie pajamas while spitting out the glories of thrift shopping. Admittedly, the clothes featured in this video do err on the outrageous(ly awesome) side. But, when you look this hipster chic, who cares if your wearing granddad’s clothes (they ‘look incredible’).

  1. draq druella said:


    I laughed so hard when I heard this on the radio, I just about needed a diaper! This is YOUR anthem song!!! :o)


  2. AWesome said:

    wow thats a lot of cuss words

  3. Shane said:

    From 1:42 to 2:02 — that’s Donkey Lips from “Salute Your Shorts” in drag, right?

  4. Cheese said:

    Ima gonna get some ass. Got 20 dollas in ma pocket…

  5. That Guy said:

    It is “err on the outrageous(ly awesome) side”, not “air on the outrageous(ly awesome) side”.

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