Mitch [Hedberg] Was A Writer

Lynn [Shawcroft] … was married to Mitch Hedberg the last 6 years of his life. Needless to say she has lots of great stories and possesses many of Mitch’s notebooks which she shares in this episode.

Mitch Hedberg is one of my favorite comedians of all time – I put him up there with the greats, despite his short career. For some reason, his demeanor and humor really struck a chord with me. I still remember being hit with the news of his death – like much of my exposure to his material, it came via the internet. At first, it was a rumor, then a “fact,” and then days later, not a hoax.

It’s weird hearing his off-stage voice in this video – haunting even. That being said, it’s amazing to be able to hear stories about him, see “lost” footage of him on-stage, and hear his thoughts and demons as described and retold by his widow, Lynn Shawcroft.

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