And now, back to the music: a houseparty in Paris

What would happen if your favorite band showed up at your apartment in the middle of the night, and started playing some of your favorite songs with whatever was laying around? Well, your neighbors might get pissed off. But more importantly, it would be the best damned houseparty ever.

If your favorite band happens to be Yeasayer, you’re in luck (or you’ll just be incredibly jealous). After a gig in Paris, they wound up in someone’s apartment and cranked out some spine-chillingly beautiful renditions of “Tightrope” and “2080.”

Dear Yeasayer: my apartment is only on the third floor. You’re welcome anytime you’re in San Francisco.

Note: La Blogotechque’s entire collection of Take Away Shows is worth your time. They place bands in unlikely places for beautiful, impromptu concerts.

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