One from the archives: Soulwax

This guest blogging spot has unintentionally become an avenue for me to share all my music video gems: guilty pleasures, old memories, and everything in between. I’m OK with this, since music videos (beautiful, ridiculous, incredible, etc.) are the bulk of what I watch online. The 3-to 5-minute format is the perfect, digestible nugget for me to handle, given my intense ADD when it comes to watching anything on a screen.

So here’s one from 2005. Back in those days, Res Magazine used to hold Res Fest, an annual travelling digital film festival. There were a bunch of screenings, but my favorite was always the music video showcase. I don’t really remember what else was shown that year, but this one totally stood out; it’s by the Belgian band Soulwax. They put on an amazing live show, and also tour as DJs (under the moniker 2manydjs), among other side projects.

Another dirty secret: I’m a former candy raver. I never went to a party as crazy as the one depicted in the video, but this certainly brings back (somewhat) find memories of long nights spent in sketchy warehouses. None of those warehouses had bathroom attendants, though.

In any case, this is a party kid’s version of a perfect alphabet song; Sesame Street ain’t got nothing on this:

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